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Incineration Fest Interview: Keep of Kalessin

Keep of Kalessin - EpistemologyAoifeI caught up with the band after they had finished their set at the Electric Ballroom, the band originally from Norway formed in 1993, changed their black metal style to a more melodic death metal style. I caught up with the band to discuss future plans and to talk about their new album Epistemology.

How did you find playing Incineration Fest?

We had a great time, unfortunately we did blow a fuse on stage, but we carried on and it was a good show.

How do you think the audience responded?

We had a great response, we played some new songs which some people did not know, but it looks like they enjoyed it anyway. We also tried to expose some of our new songs to the audience and try to gain some new fans in the process.

You released the album ‘Epistemology’ earlier this year, what were your influences behind the album?

We used a range of influences from every aspect of a range of music genres. We moved away from fantasy themes with this album, and instead concentrated on themes such as universal understanding and philosophy.

How is the tour going?

It is a rough ride, we have had a range of technical issues and in the past two weeks, we have had 2 stand-in drummers.

What are your plans for the future?

We have a lot of exciting things coming up such as our 20th anniversary, plus more singles and videos to be released.

Keep of Kalessin: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | myspace

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