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Interview: Pontus Snibb of Bonafide

RossBonafide - Denim DevilsIt’s a cold, if slightly grey afternoon in Edinburgh. The city centre bustles with the relaxed atmosphere of a Sunday. I receive a text from the main man in Bonafide himself, Pontus Snibb. Soundcheck is ahead of schedule and he asks if I could come by earlier, which I do. When I get to Studio 24 (the venue Bonafide are playing tonight), Pontus strolls out of a fire exit, as relaxed off stage as he is on it and introduces himself with a smile. He’s looking forward to playing Edinburgh as it’s his first time here. I got a chance to have a quick chat with him about the tour with Hardcore Superstar and the new album, Denim Devils, a few hours before what was another fantastic performance from Bonafide.

It feels weird to be seeing Bonafide in Edinburgh (more commonly playing Glasgow). How has the tour been so far?

Really good, yeah! This is the fourth date and we had a semi-day off at Hard Rock Hell. We did an acoustic set and some interviews.

And how has the reaction been to the new album?

Extremely good, raving reviews all over. It’s a good thing, you know, we enjoyed the album and we tried to get away a little bit from the straight AC/DC road on this one. My other influences as a songwriter came into play like Led Zeppelin and others. People seem to enjoy it so we’re happy.

Should we expect any songs from it tonight?

Yeah, we have a 45 minute set so I think we’ll play three or four songs from the album.

Bonafide’s last album Bombo told a story over ten songs, was that the plan from the start with that album?

No, not really. [laughs] I don’t even know the story! [laughs] 

You released a blues album last year which I reviewed for another website. What inspired you to do that?

I started out playing blues, I’m a drummer originally. I started out playing drums and singing in a blues band. I’ve always played blues on the side and a records label wanted to do a new Pontus Snibb so I thought “why not do a proper blues album”.

You were touring last year with Airbourne which must have been a great time.

Yeah, absolutely! It was fantastic. Joel’s a good friend and a major Bonafide fan. It goes both ways! Fantastic energy and it was so great to see…we’re a professional band always put in 100% as are they. Even after half a year of touring. Crazy, you know. We did the last eleven shows on like a seventy date tour [chuckles] and it was still perfect every night. Such energy! 

You’re only here supporting Hardcore Superstar. When will be seeing you in the UK?

Absolutely, yeah! In the Fall.

And will that include Glasgow?

Absolutely. And if this goes well, hopefully here, too!

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