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Interview: High Rise

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MoshWe first encountered High Rise with news of their forthcoming tour. A new band with a new EP on their first ever tour… perfect fodder for a quick Moshville Times Q&A!

1) First things first – who are High Rise?

High Rise are five piece Melodic-Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from South West London

2) How did you guys meet?

A few of us were in previous bands together before – High Rise originally formed in 2010 – but we then took an indefinite hiatus in 2012, we all decided to put differences aside and get it up and running again. We then met our current bass player Ryan and began writing more and played our comeback show at our local pub venue, The Fighting Cocks in Kingston, which was a near sell out. We just got our gig fever back from there and began booking more and more shows around the UK.

3) How would you describe your sound? Are you easy to pigeonhole, or is there a “High Rise edge” that makes you stand out?

We have a range of heavy guitar riffs and clean, catchy chorus melodies. We do try to be as different and unique as possible. The edge we have I’d say is that you never know what could be round the corner – one minute there’s spacey chorus melodies and simple but heavy verse riffs then out of nowhere we’ll just hit you with a crazy breakdown. Our sound occasionally is described as a bit of a roller-coaster.

4) A year of debuts! First UK tour, first single, first EP… Where have you been practising your live show up until now?

I know, it’s crazy how all of a sudden everything seems to have snowballed! It’s all very exciting for all of us as it seems only yesterday we were still just milling around in our normal jobs, living our normal lives with nothing else to do. This year is proving to be a real testament as to why you should never give up. Life is full of surprises and the more hard work you keep putting in, it will eventually pay off. So far we’ve just been playing a few test-bed venues for future shows, all of which have been in London, Aberdeen, Brighton and Medway.

5) Hands on hearts now, guys… are you more excited or freaking out about this tour? :)

It’s definitely a constant battle to contain how excited we really are! We’re all definitely freaking out behind the scenes though and couldn’t be more happy to play unknown territory and to undertake this new adventure!

6) The tour and releases take you up to March. Do you have anything lined up after that?

We’re currently looking for more dates and a festival to take us into Spring/Summer – nothing set in stone yet though. We’re looking to be as busy as we possibly can. We feel we’re still only scratching the surface with what we feel we’re capable of.

7) What’s the next aim / target for High Rise?

We would love to play a festival,. That would definitely be the aim for the Summer, purely because we’ve never played one before! And seeing as this is a year of debuts for us! Other than that we’ll just be looking for more shows and more writing to add to our live set. The main goal though is to get our name out there and to bridge the gap between us and the fans.

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