Interview: Delain’s Martijn Westerholt

(c) Moshville Times
(c) Moshville Times

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]This interview was recorded prior to the band’s third show in their recent UK run, sadly missing bassist Otto after his cannon/testicle related accident (ouch). Basically, this means it’s taken me a month to get it online, for which I apologise. The recording’s not brilliant due to being done in the main hall of the Cathouse as one of the other bands were doing brief sound-checking.

Having listened through, though, the background noise doesn’t really stop you hearing the important stuff. Let’s just say it adds ambience!

Having spoken to Charlotte a couple of times in the past, it was interesting to talk to Martijn – the other founder member of the band – and hear his take on a few of the things I’d talked about before. In our brief chat, we covered the formation of the band and its jump from “project” to proper act, the experience of touring in various venues and as support/headliners, the problems caused by being hit by glandular fever, the band’s rise in popularity and – the one everyone wants to know – what’s coming next? Martijn hints at answers relating to both live and recorded plans for the band.

Once again, thanks to Andy at Napalm for organising things and to Martijn himself for sparing the time and being a really nice guy to talk to!

[download link – mp3]

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