Max Cavalera – “Metal is what saved me from going the wrong way in life”

Cavalera Conspiracy logo[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]It’s not often you get the chance to speak to one of your idols, but today was one occasion when it happened for me. I confess that when Max left Sepultura, I pretty much stopped listening to them – they lost more than a singer when they parted ways.

For some reason I kind of missed the Soulfly boat, preferring Max’s side projects until he reunited with Igor and together they launched Cavalera Conspiracy, a brutal, no-holds-barred project every much a breath of fresh air as those early Seps albums.

Back in the day when I was doing interviews at university, I crossed paths with Max once – four days before the announcement was made that he was leaving the band he formed with his brother. I was scheduled to interview Andreas Kisser that day (the interview from that day is available here), and I still remember the surreal experience of having Max Cavalera hold doors open for me as I walked through the Manchester Apollo. This wasn’t some grandstanding egotist, this was a nice guy who – for ninety minutes – turned into a demon who controlled a crowd of hundreds.

To finally get the chance to talk to him was a dream come true – honestly. As such, I apologise if any fanboy-ness comes through in the interview! Max was great to talk to and very open about his various projects, work within the industry and devotion to his family and friends.

He hints at what’s to come from Soulfly next year as well as stepping through some of the tracks on the new Conspiracy release, Pandemonium and discusses his personal favourite from his back-catalogue of bands.

On the lighter side, we even had the time to chat about football… and that game during the World Cup! The interview rounded up with Max passing on some advice for young bands starting out.

Thanks to Andy at Napalm for sorting things out, and to Max himself for giving up his time to talk to a long-time fan. Don’t forget that the latest album, Pandemonium, is available now… and expect to see the guys over here touring to support it in early 2015. Listen to the interview to find out the band he wants to have opening for them on the UK leg…

[download link (mp3)]

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