Svart Crown – interview with JB

Svart Crown
Svart Crown (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

My first encounter with Svart Crown was on last year’s Nile/Ex Deo tour when this new (to me) French band impressed with their ability to take a lukewarm crowd and get them fired up. This time, I got to chat to founder/guitarist/vocalist JB – although I didn’t get to see them play as I had to get home for the kids!

JB details the progress of Svart Crown through their three albums to date, the story behind the lyrics of their most recent release – Profane – and thoughts as to what the band could be up to next.

He also has a bit to say on the up and downs of the internet as a means of band promotion and what it’s meant for the metal scene over recent years.

We even had time for a little chat about France, in particular the south coast where the band are currently based. How someone living somewhere so sunny can produce music so dark is beyond me!

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[download link – mp3]

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