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Conquest of Steel logoSod my luck. Sort out an interview with these mad guys from Bradford… and then they go and decide to put the band on hold! Despite this, Chris took time out to answer some of my random questions for which I am much obliged!

Conquest of Steel were a Band of the Day fairly recently and their material is worth a listen. Links down the bottom as ever.

This is your fifth year together as a band. How did you get started?

Hah, you amuse us metal brother! We have actually been together for 16 years, give or take a couple. Vic Victory and The Destroyer met upon a battlefield, and, disillusioned with the current scene, set about creating a true metal band to conquer the underground. The band was also intended as a statement against the overproduced squeaky clean metal of the late 90s, and the nu-metal blasphemy that infested the airwaves at that point.

Four albums out already – how do you feel your music’s changed over them? Have you had any personnel changes in that time?

The music has remained true to its roots – heavy, rocking, underground and DIY. During Storm Sword, we went in a more progressive/thematic direction, but the 4th album has returned us closer to the raw steel than ever before.

There were many changes in the lead guitar position in the early days, with Diesel Dave being the most stable shredder around that time. However, Claymore Clark has lent us his axe for the last 7 years or so, giving us an unchanged lineup during that time.

Your live shows get a good write-up. What’s so good about them? Go on – blow your own trumpet!

We are a band of proud metal warriors that deliver on our promise of hard rocking steel in the live setting. Many bands simply plod along and play their songs; some even look asleep on stage. This is simply not right! We become at one with our music, providing a force to be reckoned with that can’t be ignored.

What’s the metal scene like in Bradford these days? Is it easy for a band to get a start with an appreciative audience?

We hail from Bradford, but seldom play there. Since the death of The Empress, and Rios, the scene has been somewhat anemic.

A lot of influential bands have come from the area (Paradise Lost, Terrorvision, My Dying Bride…). What do you think makes Bradford somewhere that “encourages” this?

The frozen plains of the North provide a good, brooding atmosphere – ideal for heavy sounds.

Back to Conquest! How long did it take to get Of Fire & Steel from ideas to release?

The album was less of a challenge to write and rehearse than Storm Sword, being very much a “back to basics” hard rocking affair, but we then spent a lot of time recording it, getting the sound right, and trying to pass it around labels looking for interest. In total it probably took 2 years!

I’ve noticed it’s available on tape as well as the usual CD, Download and Vinyl. How many copies are you shifting on cassette?

We wanted to make tapes available for that old school appeal; tapes are 80’s retro, and still very popular in some circles. We have shifted a fair number, but obviously not as many as CDs or vinyl.

Now the album’s out there, what are your plans for 2014?

The short answer is “put the band on hiatus.”

Since Claymore Clark announced his departure, we made the difficult decision to put the band on hold, and pursue some other projects for a while. The band is not dead – merely resting, until the time comes to awaken from our slumber and once again battle the enemies of true steel!

Before the hiatus begins, we have four shows left to play, so you should try to catch us at one of them! Go check out for more details!

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