Skiltron – short interview

Half-naked kilted Argentinian man in Glasgow alert!
Half-naked kilted Argentinian man in Glasgow alert! [Picture (c) Iain Purdie]
After their successful conquering of Europe recently, I managed to get in touch with the band and they agreed to answer a few questions I had for them. Here are the responses from Argentina’s premiere Scots-themed battle metal band!

Being Argentinian, what was the appeal of Scottish history and the musical influence? When did this come about?

I have always been interested in it. I think it is full of good history and they fit perfectly to our music.

Was it easy to get hold of bagpipes in South America?

Well, actually Argentina is a country with a very strong Celtic heritage. We have many traditional bands, drums & pipes bands – and even Welsh towns! So it is not so rare as it could seem to be!

It’s not taken you too long to manage to tour Europe. Is your popularity over here surprising to you?

We are very happy with our recent achievements. The European tour was great indeed, and the response of the fans was awesome.

How do you think the internet helped spread your music around for people to hear?

We all know that is the main element for communication nowadays. I think it is essential for a band.

It’s surprising that you’ve not replaced your vocalist with a permanent band member since your original singer left. Is there any reason for this? Or have you just not found the right person yet?

We are working with session musicians and it is not a problem for us. Eventually we will have new permanent members, if we find the right ones.

Your first European show was in Elderslie 2012 with Martin Walkyier guesting on vocals. How did you end up playing in such a small town as part of such a big celebration (Wallace Day).

We were invited by the Society of William Wallace. We have many friends there and it was a big honour to play.

You were back again this year – is it likely to be an annual event?

Yes, it is an annual event and has been for many years. It was awesome to have the chance to play again.

How did your recent tour go in your eyes? The Glasgow show was superb!

It was the best experience of the band so far. Playing in different countries, making lots of new friends, and we are very happy with the results.

And finally… probably too early to say, but what next for Skiltron? Are you already looking to another album, more touring…?

We will be playing a 10th anniversary show in Argentina next year, and also we are planning another European tour for 2014… and already working on new stuff!

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