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Interview: Venomous Maximus

Venomous Maximus

Gregg, vocals and guitar from Venomous Maximus, took the time out to answer a few more of my random queries. A band I have actually featured as a New Band of the Day, but in a nutshell:

They’re from Houston in Texas and their chosen specialist subject is “Dark heavy metal”. They’re a four-piece who have been together since 2010 and have recently released their debut album Beg Upon The Light.


You’re a new band, formed in 2010. What were you guys all doing before that?

Basically the exact same shit. Music, tattoos, hot sauce, art.

How did you meet up?

Local shows, hanging out at the same bars. I also own a tattoo shop but things just work themselves out.

Your two EPs were really good. Was it these that managed to land you the record deal with Napalm? If not, how did that come about?

The record they just released for us we self-realized earlier and they heard it and got a hold of us and we are here now.

Your style certainly lends a lot to old-day Sabbath, perhaps injecting it with a bit of adrenaline. Do you feel this is a sound that’s making a comeback (perhaps because of their recent new release), or is it a sound that never went away in the first place?

None of this is new. Its always been happening. Just forever it was a secret thing and more underground.

The album’s been out for almost a month now. How is it doing? I’ve seen the reviews online are pretty much all very positive!

A lot of it has to do with timing. I think a lot of musicians are starting to want to play classic rock but the only dedicated and good enough to play it are metal heads. So it has a lot to do with what people want to hear. Whether you like it or not. The best thing you can do is get the most out of what you have been given.

Was it your decision to make a vinyl edition available? If so, why?

It seems that vinyl is the only format of music people seem to collect today. To me it’s all about size. I like the artwork on the cover. As a little boy that’s the thing that really got me hooked on music. The artwork on the cover.

As I said above, you’re a pretty new band and have come from nowhere to album release in three years. How did it feel when you were given the opportunity to record a full-length release? Did you have material pre-written or were you still in the 4-5 track EP mindset?

The goal has never been as many small release as possible. Its all about big releases. Its following the basic format all rock n roll bands have done. Led Zeppelin never did split releases. They did I,II,III.

… and do you have ideas yet (or material hanging around) for your next one?

Yes, of course. We are in the process of recording it right now. It’s going to be exciting to see how people perceive it because we are totally selling out. Hahaha! It’s gonna be theme orientated, long epic songs, There will be short poppy songs, and some instrumental stuff we will never end up playing live. We are trying to pull off the whole package. Kinda like The Wall.

What can people expect from a VM live show?

No matter what we are always going to have a good time whether the audience is interested or not. The four of us have a really good time playing music together.

Any touring plans / schedules as yet?

We will be coming your way next summer!!! One of the main goals of the band is enjoying traveling, culture, art, the finer things in life.

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