Interview Archive (audio): Ken Owen of Carcass

Swansong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This one seems quite timely with the upcoming Defenders of the Faith tour in November and their first release in… erm… a lot of years in September. Sadly the new material won’t feature Ken Owen himself, as he didn’t rejoin Carcass when they reformed due to health reasons. A pity, as he was a hell of a nice guy to talk to.

It was originally posted (in its transcribed form) on my old web page and again more recently here.

The interview is from the promo days for Swansong but covers such things as the Heartwork debacle with Columbia/Sony, returning to Earache Records and Kerrang being shit.

Audio quality is fine, using my patented “lean the spare phone handset against the stereo” method. As ever, feel free to redistribute this – all I ask is credit and a link back!

(download link)

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