Interview Archive (audio): Cannibal Corpse

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Vile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the original recording of the interview I’ve already published with Alex Webster. One of a few that I transcribed and kept hold of the tape. The interview was done on April 2nd, 1996.

It’s a phone interview, but despite this it’s good quality. The majority of my phone interviews were done at home as getting studio time at the radio station was a bit of a pain. The kit involved? One portable stereo with condenser mikes in the corners, and two telephone handsets.

I’d talk on one handset, with the other one propped up with it’s speaker next to the microphone on the stereo. You tell me how well this worked out quality-wise!

I’ve updated the original post to include this mp3 as well. As ever, feel free to download, listen and distribute. I’d just appreciate a credit and link back if you do :)

(download link)

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