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Interview Archive: Nick Holmes (Paradise Lost)

Paradise Lost

Somewhat more recently (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

This was the first interview I posted on the original music page and dates back to December 6th 1995. All the earlier interviews I’d done had been purely for Radio RamAir, the Bradford University radio station where I did the rock show a few nights a week. As a result, they weren’t transcribed. I may still have those missing ones on tape somewhere, but I don’t know as yet.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this bit of chat from the archives.

You play Bradford St. Georges Hall on the 15th. Do you feel more pressure playing there as a hometown gig than you would playing elsewhere?

If we hadn’t just toured for the last four months, and it was just a one-off, then yes. But we’ve been on the road for a while now, so it’s really just going to be like part of a bigger tour. We’re on a roll! This is actually the longest time we’ve had off since we started the tour. We’ve got about a week free.

Where have you been the last 4 months then?

We’ve done South America, Europe and we’re just back from Japan.

Japan? So you’re not to blame for bringing the weather back over with you then? [It’s bloody cold and snowing over here at the time of the interview]

[laughs] No! Their winters are cold, but the skies are clear blue!

Well, you’ve got the four upcoming dates, then I presume you have a well-timed break for Christmas?

Yeah. We’ll have a couple of weeks off.

Reckon you’ll get itchy feet? Or is this a complete break from the band for a while?

Well, it’s been three days since the last date and I’m restless already! We’ll be filming a video over the holiday, then we’re back on tour in the New year.

A video? Does this herald an upcoming single then?

No. Well, not in the UK at least. It’s more for the American market. We’ve just got a new deal with Relativity over there. We’re doing a video for Enchantment, but it’s more promotional than anything.

The last couple of videos have been quite successful. Wasn’t Ember’s Fire one of Headbanger’s Ball‘s most requested at one point? [self-correction: it was voted Best Video of the year by Headbanger’s Ball viewers]

I’m not sure. I don’t get a chance to watch it that often. I haven’t even had a chance to see the show we were on a while back.

In Scandanavia about two months ago? Not bad, but I preferred Noisy Mothers earlier this year. A whole show to yourselves! Self-Promotion City! Anyway, where are you off to in the New Year?

I believe we’re due to go to Australia and the U.S. We were originally scheduled to go to Oz in mid-December but it never came off.

So when are you due to visit them?

We should be playing Australia around February.

Last time you were up here, you played at Rios as part of a tour of smaller venues. How did that feel now that you’re used to playing, in cases, much larger venues?

In places like that, the sound quality on stage can be terrible. Personally, I prefer larger venues.

The time before that it was the Town and Country Club in Leeds, and the time before that, it was the old Queen’s Hall. [Now a smeggy trendy pub/club]

The Queen’s Hall was a nice place to play, but the T&C’s a bit echoey. Sounds better when there’s a really big crowd in.

Back to next week’s gig – the lineup’s damn strong! It ought to be a great night with Cathedral and Anathema in support. Have you played with either band before?

Yes. We toured with Cathedral about 4 years ago, in Europe. Anathema used to support us years ago when we played Planet X in Liverpool. They were a bunch of kids back then who called themselves Pagan Angel!

And what sort of set can we expect on Friday, then? Are you concentrating pretty heavily on Draconian Times now that everyone’s had a chance to listen to it?

Yes, most definitely. Most of the set will be based around the album.

Draconian Times was recorded between January and March this year, which means you started work on it almost a year ago. Does this mean you”ve had a chance to write any new stuff that we can hear on the upcoming dates?

Nope. We’ve been touring solid since the album came out. When we tour, we tour. The longest amount of time we’ve had off in one go is this one-week break now.

Lee (Morris – drummer) joined the band for recording, so he’s been with you about a year now. How has he fitted in? I mean, he was up till them with quite a small local band and he’s moved up to a band playing festivals and stadiums!

Lee’s great. He’s coped really well. Basically, he’s just a very good drummer, but he’s also very confident. He’s been playing sice he was 13 so this is just water off a duck’s back to him. He is very intense, though, and he exhausted himself in Japan just back then. He puts so much into what he does, he just wears himself out.

Have you got any plans to resurrect any older material, say from Gothic or Lost Paradise? Maybe just as live songs?

Not unless we don’t think we could do anything better. Most of the fans only know the last three albums, and we can manage a full set on them easily as it is.

Well you have 5 albums out in total now. Any plans for a best-of compilation? [yes, folks – this was a joke!]

No! If we ever have too long a break or feel all washed up then we may consider it!

Not much chance of that, then! Finally, I’ve been hearing rumours from people who know people who’ve met somebody… that someone in the band got hitched around Spring. Any truth to this?

Greg [Mackintosh – guitars] got married to his long-time girlfriend about…ooooh… 6 months ago, I think. Steve’s [Edmondson – bass] been married just over a year now.

Well, that’s great, Nick. Thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to the gig. Have a good one, and a great holiday afterwards.

You’re welcome, and thanks. Cheers!

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