Classic Cover: Frozen Soul – “Creature of the Wheel” (original by White Zombie)

The weather may be warming up for spring, but there’s a bitter frost hanging in the air, courtesy of the death metal crew known as Frozen Soul. The band have shared their cover of White Zombie’s “Creature of the Wheel”.

The visual certainly pays homage to the instantly familiar, DayGlo green aesthetic of White Zombie, while the band puts its uniquely shivery spin on the sonics. They comment:

We wanted to cover a song outside of death metal that we could give justice to in our style and “Creature of the Wheel” felt perfect. We slowed it down and made it even heavier, all the while staying true to the groove White Zombie is known for. We got outside of our comfort zone and even used a theremin to add that old school horror feel!

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Header image by David Gonzales

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