Classic Cover: Sabaton / Tina Guo – “1916” (original by Motörhead)

Ooft. In a word. “1916” has always been one of my favourite Motörhead tracks, and Sabaton one of my favourite bands. What’s going to happen when they collide? There’s always that edge of worry when you try to blend two of your favourite things and it could end up in disaster (like pineapple and pizza… ugh). However, what we have here is very much chocolate and peppermint, to continue the food metaphor as I missed lunch and I’m hungry.

Sabaton have more than done the original proud, to the point where Mikkey and Phil appear in the video. Oh, the video. Don’t just listen to the song, watch the visuals. This is as much a tribute to Lemmy as it is a cover song. And once Sabaton finish their performance, the credits are backed by a cello version courtesy of Tina Guo.

I had actual goosebumps listening to this. It’s does for “1916” what Lemmy did for Bowie’s “Heroes”. Brilliant.

We think we did this song justice. It’s our tribute to one of the greatest bands in the world and a nod to those who fought in the First World War and made the ultimate sacrifice!

– Joakim Brodén

Sabaton’s UK tour kicks off in Leeds tonight. See you in London and Glasgow!

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May 3, 2023 10:44 AM

Well, I am not a fan of either peppermint nor Motörhead, but sometimes they surprise you.
However, I do love pineapple and pizza with banana and curry :) and I do LOVE Sabaton.

Lemmy was not just Motörhead, he was so much more and a brilliant singer/songwriter.

Sabaton did the song justice and with the video showing soldiers from different time and backgrounds.
War is everywhere and soldiers are pawns for the leaders.