Classic Cover: Bad Wolves – Mama, I’m Coming Home (original by Ozzy Osbourne)

Hand up, I’m not Ozzy’s biggest fan as far as music is concerned. I like the odd song here and there, but I find his rockier vocal sound just isn’t to my taste. However, now and again he does come out with a belter and “Mama, I’m Coming Home” is very much one of them. Step up Bad Wolves, who’ve done a decent cover or two in the past, to take it on. And they’ve owned it. Instantly familiar but with an original twist, this is how you do a cover version.

Bad Wolves surprised fans with a cover of “Mama I’m Coming Home” today premiering a new official music video for the cover via Better Noise Music. The track will be arriving on digital streaming platforms later this month. This fall, the band will be lighting up stages across the UK and Europe, accompanied by Volbeat and Skindred with some smaller scale headline shows in the UK:

  • December 11 – Manchester, UK – Academy III
  • December 12 – London, UK – Underworld
  • December 13 – Birmingham, UK – Asylum
  • December 14 – Glasgow, UK – Cathouse

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Sharing the band’s excitement for the Ozzy Osbourne cover, Boecklin said:

Doc presented the idea to cover Ozzy’s “Mama, I’m Coming Home”. We were all so excited, we immediately started recording it on the road this past summer. Kane Churko’s Vegas studio was on the route so we tracked vocals there. ‘Mama’ is a beautiful anthem about emotional repair, a message we all connect with. Our version has some new flavors but still stays true to the classic.”

Directed by Wombat, the official music video for “Mama I’m Coming Home” features footage of lead singer Daniel ‘DL’ Laskiewicz performing the track in church. DL’s performance expresses a deep yearning for home, much like the song.

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Header image: Orson Oblowitz

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