Classic Cover: Spanish Love Songs – “I Miss You” (original by blink-182)

LA based punk quintet Spanish Love Songs have recently released an emotive cover of blink-182’s “I Miss You”.

blink-182 has always been one of the bands of our lives — half of us learned to play our instruments by jamming to their songs. I covered “I Miss You” on a live stream last Halloween. The response was amazing, and a few people asked for a full band version. The original is so iconic that we didn’t want to attempt to recreate it — the world doesn’t need another Blink impersonation. So instead, we gave it a shot, and just tried to blow the whole song up.

– Dylan Slocum (vocals/guitar)

The band previously decided to cover their favourite Death Cab song thanks to the helps of the Patreon members which was set up during lockdown. Each month they would do a poll for songs for the band to cover from their various locations across the US & this was one of the choices.

Listen to previous releases this year “Phantom Limb”, a B-side from Brave Faces Everyone and the other, a wonderful cover of “Blacking Out The Friction”, the band’s favourite by Death Cab For Cutie.

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