Classic Cover: Among Legends – “Wannabe” (original by The Shite Girls)

I have decided that Among Legends are either awful people or witches. Or both. I hate the Spice Girls. I hated their image, their manufactured nature, their shit “songs”, the fact they were horrendously talentless yet had a massive budget behind them… and that people bought their records by the million when there were countless other acts out there who crapped on them in terms of talent, and who were overlooked.

And here come Among Legends to turn a song I despise into something I can just about tolerate. Even Patent Pending couldn’t manage that, and I love those guys. I couldn’t even pretend to like their version of “Spice Up Your Life” ironically, such is my loathing of the original “performers”. Hey, maybe “Wannabe” should have been pop punk from the beginning and the talentless wenches from the 90s (or the people in locked room who wrote all their stuff for them) got it all wrong.

Damn you, Among Legends. Also for making a funny video to go with it that I really enjoyed. I might even keep an eye out for your upcoming album.

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October 13, 2021 8:17 PM

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