Classic Cover: Zaeus – “House of the Rising Sun” (original by The Animals)

Once described as the first folk rock hit, “House of the Rising Sun” returns with a new sound brought by DC Based electronic artist, Zaeus. Self described as ‘Electroanalogue’, Zaeus takes the classic song to the downtempo vibes of chillout music, while maintaining select folk elements that made it a #1 song in the US, France and the UK.

“House of the Rising Sun” marks the 4th single from Zaues’ debut album, Be Still, which takes the listener on a journey through themes inspired by romance, addiction, passion and spirituality. Loosely classified as chillout electronica, the album’s sound is anchored by Zaeus’ Rhodes keyboard emphasising songwriting and musicianship.

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The self-produced album was created with input from respected fellow musicians, family, and friends collaborating from around the world, including the U.S., Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, and South America.

As a musician, Zaeus has been playing piano since he was 5. This later led to stints with two L.A. bands – a soul/funk outfit that found a following through airplay on KCRW, and a hip-hop group that charted multiple tracks on top music sites. Zaeus also contributed music to an Emmy award-winning TV show and a film soundtrack.

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Zaeus uses a wide variety of sounds including analog and digital sonics to create songs around themes. Snippets of progressions and improv meld into an unconventional song structure using his core instruments, a 1980 Rhodes Fifty-Four and a 1982 Juno-60.

Stay tuned for the video for “House of the Rising Sun” and the Be Still album release coming soon.

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