Classic Covers: Icarus Lives – “Holding Out For A Hero” (original by Bonnie Tyler)

Let’s face it, the 80s were bloody awesome for music. Even the crappy pop music wasn’t crap (well, most of it), and you had a ton of absolute belters that crossed into the rock sphere while still doing very well in the charts. Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero” was one such number, and it’s been covered quite a few times. A choice selection include Van Canto, Graveworm and British comedian Jennifer Saunders (for Shrek 2‘s soundtrack – she played the Fairy Godmother).

The original reached number 2 in the UK charts when it was re-released in 1985 (it didn’t make much impact in 1984), likely due it its inclusion in Kevin Bacon vehicle Footloose. Kindly ignore the 2011 remake – you can cover songs, but you really shouldn’t cover whole bloody films.

Anyway, here’s the stuff from the band…

Western Australia-based female fronted melodic metal band Icarus Lives are charging into 2021 with the release of their rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero” originally performed by Bonnie Tyler! The song opens with a driving drum and bass groove, accompanied by thrash speed picking and Dream Theatre-like synth bolstering the melody. Icarus Lives masterfully showcase Iron Maiden-esque guitar, drum, and bass patterns throughout each passage as well as anthemic choruses reminiscent of Paramore. The crescendo is a heavy onslaught of tremolo picking followed by a fast and fluid solo incorporating the masterful use of a Floyd Rose.

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Drummer Naomi Treacy explains:

We’re pretty excited about our cover of “Holding Out For A Hero”, originally by Bonnie Tyler. We hope the listener enjoys it as much as we enjoyed it, it’s got a bit of everything, from that old-school guitar sound, big open rhythm section, synth, and some pretty cool solos for good measure. We originally chose to cover this song, because our guitarist Cameron has been wanting to cover it for some time, after watching Shrek 2, to which we paid homage to in the video. He thought “this would make a sick metal cover” so he figured out all the parts, threw it together and we started jamming it! We put our own little unique twist on it, so we hope our friends and fans enjoy what we have done with it.

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Following a successful release of the band’s debut album Vantablack and single “Collision of Counterparts”, Icarus Lives shared stages with heavy metal royalty PAIN, toured Japan with The Agonist and Cellar Darling, and delivered their unique melodic metal flavor to hungry audiences on their Australian tour. Influenced by modern metal superstars such as Evanescence, Lacuna Coil and Bullet For My Valentine, Icarus Lives perfectly combine clean, catchy vocals with crushingly heavy riffs, blistering guitar solos, and pounding drums. With new music in the works, Icarus Lives are showing no signs of slowing down!

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