Classic Covers: Six Degrees – “The Power of Love” (Huey Lewis & The News)

Italian groove metal band Six Degrees released their debut album No One Is Innocent this past November via Rockshots Records. The album’s closing track is a cover version of one of the band’s favorite movie theme songs “The Power of Love” made famous by Huey Lewis and The News (as opposed to the power ballad of the same name by Jennifer Rush (1984), or Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s similarly titled number also from 1984). The version on offer here was released a whole year later in 1985 and featured in the absolutely brilliant Back To The Future movie.

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Luca Correnti (guitar and vocals) tells us:

What more could we say about this song? Everyone knows it! There is no person on earth who has not seen “Back to the Future”! It has always been one of my favorite adventure movies. When Marty gets on stage for the audition with his band (Pinheads) and the talent scout says “I’m afraid you’re just too darn loud … next, please!”, I always get angry! I wish I was there to smash the guitar on his head! Well, this is our metal version. Just enjoy! it’s a great song! It really pumps you up!

The video shot during the lockdown, was edited by Francesco Lenti.

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