Classic Covers: Harakiri For The Sky – “Song To Say Goodbye” (original by Placebo)

I confess that Placebo were a band I’d forgotten about despite then having some huge (and enjoyable) hits back in the day. “Song To Say Goodbye” isn’t one I’d heard before so I gave it a listen so I could see what downbeat post metal combo (and former Band of the Day) Harakiri For The Sky could do to it.

The original isn’t exactly a song to dance joyfully to, so the cover artists have chosen well. Maintaining the original’s guitar riff in the background, they’ve added layer upon layer of frosty blackness to make it barely recognisable and very much their own.

The song is another excerpt of their studio album Mӕre, which will soon be released on February 19th. Singer J.J. comments:

The reason we chose “Song To Say Goodbye” is because it played a very important role for me the summer before I finished high-school. I moved out of my parents’ home and started a new chapter in life. And generally it was a yeasty time. And M.S. couldn’t choose a song anyway as he likes every song of Placebo’s album Meds.

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Header photo by AgonyAbsinthe

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