Classic Covers: Palaye Royale – Mad World

First up, I love this song. I love Tears For Fears’ original and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by most of the covers that have appeared over time. Michael Andrews and Gary Jules dir a superb version for the (disappointing IMHO) film Donnie Darko, but there have been swathes of others. Now, tying in with current release The Bastards, Palaye Royale take a stab.

Their version kicks off much as the original, slow and haunting and gentle. But by the time it’s got halfway through, that slightly unhinged feel that makes the original so wonderful has turned into full-on off-the-rails mental. If Batman’s Joker had done a version of the song, this would be it. Maybe with more stabby-stabby, but pretty much this.

The song is out to stream/download right now, and  you can check out the video below.

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