Classic Covers: Kim Jennett – I Miss the Misery

We’ve seen a lot of covers happen in 2020 and by the time we hit 2021, it’d be fair to say it will have been a great one for sheer numbers and quality (answers on a postcard for why). Occasionally, you get a cover which transcends. In the case of Blacktop Mojo for “Dream On”, it’s because of how damn good it was. In the case of the more recent Puddle of Mudd, well…

Thankfully, Kim Jennett’s version of Halestorm’s “I Miss the Misery” is the former. Given we’ve been following her exploits for a number of years now, there was never any doubt with this. And since quite a few of us at Moshville Times enjoy a bit of Halestorm, it’s more than likely they’ll agree that she goes above and beyond here.

Jennett pays homage to the original version, she keeps it faithful whilst utilising her own prowess to not simply emulate Lzzy Hale’s own excellent vocals but bring a fresh twist to it. Plus, it’s well produced and Dom Lane’s own take on the riff takes the same angle as Jennett’s vocals. And what more could you want from a cover? This is perfect.

Kim Jennett: facebook | twitter | patreon

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