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Classic Cover: Firing All Cylinders – “What Is Love”

Southern California based rockers Firing All Cylinders have independently released a music video for their cover of Haddaway’s 1992 song “What Is Love”. Now, I’m originally from Tyneside so when I head the word “Haddaway” it’s almost alway followed by “…and shite”. However, there’s no denying that the original was pretty anthemic at the time and for those of a certain age it’s definitely recognisable.

Firing All Cylinders have stuck pretty close to Haddaway’s version, but added a dose of the goth and heavy (especially within the video). The catchy keyboards are still present, but some thumping drums and crunchy guitars definitely add a little something.

Vocalist Rix Boker said the following:

What Is Love is my favorite pop song from the 90. I just loved the groove and feel of the song and I always thought it would make a killer rock ballad. We started out just joking about the concept but Brandon and Jeremy from Wolfe Studios thought it was a good idea to pursue. A few recording sessions later we had something we’re completely stoked about.

Give it a listen – maybe you’ll see the early 90s in a new light afterwards!

Firing All Cylinders: facebook | instagram | youtube | spotify

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