Classic Covers: Rusty Shipp – Show Me How To Live (original by Audioslave)

After kickstarting their summer with July’s visceral comeback single “Breaking Waves” (which followed press and radio acclaim for their 2017 debut album Mortal Ghost), Nashville grunge-rockers and former Band of the Day Rusty Shipp have released their rootsy take on the Audioslave classic “Show Me How To Live”. Their driving acoustic version of the song foregrounds bluesy riffs and a Deep South stomp alongside gang vocals to create a brand-new dimension to a familiar rock anthem.

Frontman Russ T Shipp explains:

Instead of trying to do a regular rock cover of Audioslave’s “Show Me How To Live” (one of the few songs I consider to be perfect), we decided to reinvent the song in a completely new way – we knew a normal cover would only fall short when compared to the original. Following our tradition of making music with a nautical theme, we put the song through the Rusty Shipp filter and it came out on the other side sounding like it was being performed by a naval crew on a submarine, stomping and clapping to the beat like rowdy sailors.

Rusty Shipp likes to call their style ‘nautical rock n’ roll’. Their aim is to to take up the torch passed down from rock legends of the past five decades; and to hold it up in an age when mainstream music has seemed to give up on rock bands. They combine the pop melodies and surf-rock guitars of Dick Dale and The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting alt-rock sounds of Nirvana and Muse to craft songs distinguished by their unconventional riffs and addictive choruses.

Rusty Shipp: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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