Classic Covers: Blacktop Mojo – “Dream On”

aerosmith-dream-onIt’s been a while since we popped a Classic Cover up here, and it’s back with a smash. Aerosmith’s original “Dream On” is one of the classic heavy rock ballads with a quality bit of riffwork. Blacktop Mojo have released a version that does the 43 year-old (!) original proud while giving it a tiny twist of their own.

Steve Tyler’s vocals are truly unique so it’s good to hear Matt James using his own vocal talent rather than trying to imitate Boston’s finest. The guitars are a bit crunchier than the original, but overall it’s just a simply-done cover of a superb original.

The track comes from the band’s upcoming sophomore album Burn The Ships which is set to release in early 2017. Drummer Nathan Gillis has this to say about the recording:

A close friend of ours suggested we do it, and was adamant that he knew it would turn out great… We asked our producer what he thought and he basically said “Well it wouldn’t hurt to try it out”. After that we learned it, went to the studio and put it down. Listening back we were pretty surprised that it even came out decent… We showed it to a small group of friends and they all said they got chill bumps. At that point we were comfortable enough that we at least hadn’t shamed the song or Aerosmith (who we have a ton of respect for, obviously), so still with a little hesitation we released it. Since then, we’ve been shocked and overwhelmed by the awesome response.

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