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Classic Covers: Hapke Zuurkool – Punk As Fuck

lawnmower-deth-ooh-crikeyMoshWhat do you get if a shit modern band do a cover of a shit old band? You get shit like this, that’s what you get.

As far as I can tell, Hapke Zuurkool are a Dutch “stonegrind” band with a few songs under their belts. All their stuff online is in Dutch and I’m too lazy to use Google Translate to read it, and there’s not a lot of information anyway. What they have done, amusingly, is cover one of Lawnmower Deth‘s highlights. Or, technically, lesser lowlights on the basis that they’re shit anyway.

So here, ladies and gentlemen, is a cover of a song with three words in the lyrics which runs for less time than the Microsoft Movie Maker captions that introduce it.

Incidentally, kudos to Lawnmower Deth’s own Qualcast Mutilator for spotting it. Obviously trying to relive his own heyday and justify his existence by looking for people pirating songs they sold 27 copies of.

(P.S. just in case anyone from either band reads this and doesn’t get the tongue/cheek placement, I fucking love Lawnmower Deth and all their shitty records)


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Hapke Zuurkool
Hapke Zuurkool
December 17, 2014 8:46 AM

Well, (kind of) thanks for mentioning us here! Hapke Zuurkool (Roughly translated as ‘Little bite of Sauerkraut’) is nothing more than a few guys blowing off steam during a couple of rehersals and having a bit of fun. Two thirds of the recordings during rehersal consist of us laughing our arses off, the remainder is just a bit of absurd improvised noisy grind and the occasional silly cover. (Yes Qualcast, we did ‘Fuck off’ from the split-album as well!) The guitar-player had the nerve to post a few things on youtube in an …’interesting’ fashion and apparently someone noticed. We… Read more »

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