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Cover Song of the Day: Betraying the Martyrs – Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen)

Frozen Summer Fun LIVE! at Disney's Hollywood ...

You can take that pickaxe… (Photo credit: insidethemagic)

Like many parents the country over, I’ve been suffering repeated playings of yet another Disney soundtrack since before the film’s release several months ago. Duped into going to see a comedy about a reindeer and a living snowman – sold to me by the trailers – instead we got another princess-heavy songfest that left me wanting to claw my pinnae off and stuff them into my inner ear canals every time the music started.

Storywise it wasn’t bad, but I’ve got an inbuilt hatred of the schmaltzy Disney-esque songs of which I can tolerate very few. Even films like Toy Story have been sullied by a single song which detracts from the story and humour as they jam some downbeat guff down your throat during some musical-based scene.

Anyway, to counter that here are French metalcore bunch Betraying the Martyrs tearing apart “Let It Go” from Frozen. It’s released to coincide with their new album Phantom, which is out this week.

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July 18, 2014 10:21 PM

[…] kindly giving us a cracking Cover Song of the Day with Disney’s “Let It Go”, here’s a bit more on Betraying the Martyrs‘ proper release, the album Phantom. It was […]

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