Cover Song of the Day: It’s Raining Men by Tragedy

It's Raining Men
Tragedy are covering our song – yay! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If this isn’t the best video you see all day today then you live in a bizarre world where videos not as good as this one pretend to be better than this one. I judge this on the fact that it is awesome.

Quality classic track, brilliant reworking by the maddest bunch of squirrel-chasing, glitter-wearing nutjob arse-whistles this side of Arkham Asylum‘s “utter wibble-wibble drool-merchant all-hope-is-lost-on-this-lot” ward.

If you’ve never seen Tragedy before then SEE THEM. This isn’t so much an order as an emphasised request for the good of your own musical health. I caught them in Glasgow a year or so ago and it was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve ever been to.

According to their facefart page, they rocked (and circle-pitted) 6000 people in a capacity-filled tent at the Bloodstock Festival this morning. I can well believe it.

My only disappointment is that their current “UK” tour following on from the above festival is another “England” tour so I would be able to see them this time around. Boo! The dates, in case they’re not already sold out, are (all August):

  • 9th – The Vault, Rugby (that’s tonight…)
  • 10th – Crawford Arms, Milton Keynes
  • 11th – Underworld, London
  • 12th – Legends, Newcastle
  • 13th – Brickyard, Carlisle

Dress appropriately!

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December 19, 2015 8:43 PM

[…] 9th, 2013 saw me post Tragedy’s cover of The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men“. Still the best video the band have done, and one of their best […]