Band of the Day: Another Day Dawns

Another day, another Band of the Day… Dakota Sean of Another Day Dawns tackles our questions.

Where is the band from?

Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

How did the band meet?

Oh wow we’re going way back. Hold on. The guys were actually looking for a singer, they were in a band when they were younger, their current singer was going away to college. They actually reached out to me on Facebook. This is probably 10 – 11 years ago now. We met up for practice, you know we were young, I was probably 13 – 14. We just met up and started learning covers.

How long have you been playing as a band?

10 – 11 years.

Before you get sick of being asked, where did the band name come from?

When we  were younger we started out as ADD, a cover band. As time went on we wanted to be more than just a cover band. We wanted to take things seriously and have our own music out on the radio. We found out there were so many other bands out there named ADD at the time, we wanted to make something stand for the three letters. Another Day Dawns fit perfectly in there. I also think it’s a good positive message.

What are your influences?

90’s grunge and anything singer/songwriter type. Acoustic guitars.

Describe your music/what makes you unique?

We definitely meshed all of our influences. We start by writing a rhythm or melody and build from there.

Do you have any particular lyrical themes?

There are some heartbreak ones but we don’t stick to a particular theme. We have a lot of friends trying to help others with substance abuse so that’s been a topic as well. Then we have some with a bit of attitude, kinda just party and have a good time.

What is your live show like and how many shows have you played?

They’re definitely energetic and we do our best to engage with the crowd. How many shows? Oh man, well it’s been 10 years so I’m going to say a lot with a lot more to come.

What’s the wildest things you’ve seen or done at a live show?

I would have to say crowd surfing over the entire crowd has been the coolest things I’ve done at a show. Connecting with the crowd in that way was a night to remember.

What if anything are you plugging and promoting currently?

Our music on all platforms, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, along with our video’s on YouTube of course. Definitely our merchandise that’s available via our website. Also, to keep your head up during these difficult times. It’ll get better.

What are your plans for 2020?

Hopefully perform a couple of shows with a live audience before the year is over. We miss our fans and sharing that experience with them.

If you were second on a three band bill, who would you want to open up for and who would you want to open the show?

I would love to open for Shinedown and have Seether go on right before us. That would be a dream bill for me/us.

Another Day Dawns: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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