Band of the Day: The Young & Restless

It’s time for all you old-heads to back off, because us young ones (I’m still young, I promise) are going to talk about pop-punk, the music which shaped our adolescence. Specifically, we’re here to talk about up and coming post-emo rock outfit The Young & Restless, a quartet from Northampton who are reveling in the pop-punk nostalgia which has become so prevalent in recent years. Following the release of their second EP, Horizon (2017), the band are finally in a position where they can feed their hungry fans some more of their tasty emo metal goodness, with their brand new single “Family Values” due to drop this Friday. Luckily for us here at The Moshville Times, we have been given early access to this pop-punk ballad, allowing us just enough knowledge to try and get fans’ salivating at what is still to come.

While “Family Values” follows much of the same stylings as prior releases, with there being no drastic changes to genre or the overall sound of the band, the band have clearly grown in their absence since last year’s Horizon. “Family Values” is so much more than just a song, appearing as something like an event, rather than just a mere piece of music. It sounds massive, with The Young & Restless having created a wall of melodious sound so powerful, that you will feel the impact on your eardrums as it rushes towards you.

The single itself still checks all of the correct boxes, maintaining the prerequisites for an emo band, yet it is not simply a rehash of that which has come before it in the genre. The band may be young, but they are certainly not reckless when it comes to specialising their sound (maybe I am an old person if that’s the level of pun I can come up with). At any rate, “Family Values” marks the eagerly awaited return for one of the UK’s most prominent young rock bands, and when the single finally drops on Friday, fans will be blown away by what has been produced by The Young & Reckless.

Family Values is out on the 22nd of June.

The Young & Restless: facebook | twitter | instagrambandcamp | youtube

Until the release of “Family Values”, here’s another track from The Young & Restless to tide you over.


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