Band of the Day: One Last Daybreak

“You’ll grow out of it!” Harks the cry of a million confused parents when looking upon their emo child. Or at least mine did anyway. Sure, they might have been right about the style part (because anyone still sporting an eye-covering fringe needs to have a hard look in the mirror), but the love for the music will never die; precisely the reason why bands such as One Last Daybreak remain prominent and popular. The Essex-based quintet released their debut EP, A Thousand Thoughts, earlier this month; a love letter to hardcore bands of yonder year, or about a decade ago, to anyone feeling clueless about now. The collection of emotionally-charged rock ballads will, no matter who you are, strike a chord within you, and leave you hungry for more.

Absolutely crammed full of poetic, lyrical choruses, melodic, minor guitar riffs, harsh, throaty screams, and the odd bit of gruff metal thrown in for good measure, A Thousand Thoughts checks everything required of an emo-esque album. In case you were concerned that One Last Daybreak would try to capitalize on an ever-growing trend of emo nostalgia, then you can put those worries to rest.

While One Last Daybreak does manage to adhere to the same general formula utilized by hardcore bands for the past decade, they go further than just that, and push to deliver more for their listeners. Rather than a simple rehash of standard riffs and screamy, ‘oh-so-angsty’ vocals’, A Thousand Thoughts is a deep, fully fleshed-out EP that is more than capable of delivering a thoroughly enjoyable musical experience.

If you are anything like I am and were quite the emo in your teenage years, then A Thousand Thoughts will certainly conjure up nostalgic feelings for you. However, once you get past the distinct and prominent emo sound created by One Last Daybreak, you will find yourself waist-deep in an EP which can be described as nothing short of astonishing.

A Thousand Thoughts is out now and is available to buy here.

One Last Daybreak: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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