Band of the Day: Kint

Italian noise punkers Kint are on the cusp of releasing their debut album Stoned Immaculate, an album which promises to be heavy enough to crush your skull under its sheer weight. In order to get all you lovely metalheads excited for their new album, Kint have dropped a new single taken from Stoned Immaculate; “Blonde”. With “Blonde” being the band’s first true release, Kint have already managed to set the bar high in terms of both quality and heaviness, with the only low part of the release being the wicked depths that “Blonde” manages to reach.

Kint certainly know how to make an entrance, with “Blonde” opening on what can only be described as a slow and methodically-paced barrage of chunky, down-tuned, distortion-laced guitar notes. This opening is the topic sentence for the track, and indeed the upcoming album, immediately letting listeners know exactly what kind of experience they should expect from these Italian madmen of metal.

Following this well-defined introduction are droning vocals; lyrics which match the pacing of the guitars, almost lazily leaving singer Raffaele Marchetti’s mouth. This style is peculiar and almost hypnotic, drawing you in close and making you feel as if you have truly become engulfed in the musical mania created by Kint. It is a feeling which you must become accustomed to if you are to enjoy the massive effect created by this trio’s specific styling of noise punk.

For their first single, I would not say that it is an over-exaggeration to say that Kint have knocked it out of the park with “Blonde”. The angry, slow, countering style of the music created is nothing short of mesmerizing. If the rest of Stoned Immaculate sounds even half as fanatical as “Blonde” does, then we should all be in for a real treat.

Blonde is out now and is available to download here.

Kint: facebook | bandcamp

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