Band of the Day: Exsanguinated

On several occasions, I have attended gigs where bloodthirsty moshpits, full of the most burly and terrifying of metalheads, have come to a halt in order to help a fallen brother of metal off of the ground. At one gig, I saw an entire moshpit stop to try and find a man’s lost glasses. Truly, I think whenever I see this, heavy metal brings people together. Nothing proves this more than the rarity that is the trans-continental band, one consisting of members who live in different countries. One such group is today’s Band of the Day, Exsanguinated. The trio comprises of members in two separate countries, Singapore and England, and late last year, they released their first single: Turn To Dust.

If you were worried that the distance between the band members would cause their release to be poorly conceived or otherwise substandard, then you can put those worries to rest right now, my friend. “Turn To Dust is a hard-hitting, tight-knit technical death metal gut punch of a song, and delivers in every aspect it aims to.

Wasting no time, Exsanguinated thrust their primary release upon you, with the listener being greeted with some seriously chunky, and thoroughly menacing, down-tuned guitar notes, accompanied by bellowing drumbeats and bass notes to really hammer home the point being made. From there on, the track proceeds by hurling wave upon wave of guttural vocals and frighteningly weighty riffs, with one such riff towards the middle of the track standing out in particular; a duelling atonal guitar riff that carries whiffs of Rings of Saturn about it.

There are no ifs or buts when it comes to Exsanguinated, just pure heavy metal. My only complaint is that Turn To Dust is over too soon.

Turn To Dust is out now and available to buy here.

Exsanguinated: facebook | bandcamp

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