Band of the Day: Death By Unga Bunga

The reality of the matter at hand is that you don’t need a Band of the Day or a review to tell you that Death By Unga Bunga are bloody brilliant. Just look at their name. Look at it. That alone is enough to tell anyone that you are strapped in and ready to go on a damn good ride. However, if I were to submit a feature stating simply that “these guys fucking rock”, I think the EIC would be less than pleased, so brace yourselves for a couple hundred words on why Death By Unga Bunga are the band you should be listening to right now.

Death By Unga Bunga are a quintet based in Oslo, Norway, and have been performing for the best part of a decade now, going from cult staus to nation-wide fame in their own country, and are now well on their way to becoming a household name. The band play a classic garage-band style of music, infusing positive, upbeat melodies with a genuinely fun atmosphere in their music. Their most recent album, So Far, So Good, So Cool, is no exception to this, with the album being so ram-packed full of party-anthem tracks that you’d have a hard time believing that it wasn’t a best-of album.

“Soldier” and “Cynical” are the two stand out tracks from the album, with the two defining who Death By Unga Bunga are. Full of catchy guitar riffs, power ballad-esque vocals, and melodies that you will struggle to not dance along to. An initial listen might leave you thinking that the group are simply another pop-punk rock band, but that’s a rookie mistake. Delve deeper, and you’ll find that Death By Unga Bunga infuse so many genres in to their tracks that it is impossible to keep track of!

If you’re still reading this BOTD, then you’ve clearly not been sold on the sheer majesty of Death By Unga Bunga. To be honest, I can’t really blame you, as words don’t do these masters of madness justice in terms of their music. Listen to “Soldier”, let your body be filled with fun and the overwhelming urge to dance. And, if after all of that you’re still unsure that Death By Unga Bunga are a band you might possibly enjoy, then just look at the feature image for this article. They’re in bloody Tron, for God’s sake, what else do you need!?

So Far, So Good, So Cool is out now and is available to buy here.

Death By Unga Bunga: official | facebook | bandcamp | youtube

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