Band of the Day: Memoryfield

Bringing together a unique blend of traditional South American styled music infused with classic rock influences is today’s Band of the Day, the mysteriously titled Memoryfield. The Utah-based trio have a wealth of experience between them, both in terms of musical ability and their ability to play as a unit. This boils down to the fact that guitarist Billy R. Preston and keyboardist Juliet Gamero have been playing together since as far back as 1993! However, the true creation of Memoryfield as it exists today came with the introduction of Iris, the vocalist, whose gentle and melodic voice casts a spell on the listener, drawing you in and captivating you entirely.

Though Memoryfield have recorded many of their own songs since the band’s move to the current lineup in 2015, which can be found on their soundcloud page, they have also covered a wealth of classic rock musicians, such as Elvis Costello, The Who and Neil Young. However, a personal favourite of mine is their cover of “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” by The Smiths. Covering the ever-cheery and never-moaning Morrissey can be a bold move, and not one which many bands are brave enough to attempt. In the case of the Memoryfield cover however, they certainly made the right decision covering this classic sad-rock track.

The melodious duel vocals interweave and compliment one another, while the acoustic guitar remains prominent and at the forefront of the track throughout the duration, reminding listeners, particularly those of us within the heavy metal scene, that slowing something down and taking it in an organic way can sometimes be far more effective than electric guitars and furious drumbeats. The track itself manages to pull on the heartstrings in the best way possible. Truly a magical experience and one which can be felt throughout Memoryfield’s discography.

Memoryfield: facebook | soundcloud | youtube

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