Band of the Day: Of Legions

Today’s Band of the Day are hardcore-inspired heavy metal quartet from Stoke, Of Legions, who have recently released their newest single “Suicidal Thoughts”, accompanied with a music video. The single is taken from the group’s upcoming album Face Value which, if it resembles the current single, promises to be a mercilessly weighty and raw experience, packing enough of a punch to knock the wind straight out of you. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the whirlwind of barbaric metal known simply as “Suicidal Thoughts”.

Opening on a long and distant-sounding guitar drone, the track focuses on a simple, melancholic bass riff, before being accompanied by both a high-pitched guitar and angry, shouted vocals from singer Luke Mansfield. The collection of these elements goes on to create a horror aesthetic, as if the idea of terror has been manifested in to a single sound. The hardcore elements are clear from the minute Mansfield sings, with his throaty, hoarse style of singing harking from that particular musical movement. However, from the style of play from guitarist Sam Morrey and bassist Ollie Lewis, it is obvious that Of Legions have taken great inspiration from doom and stoner metal also.

The single is kicked up a notch as it heads towards its second minute, with the entire band coming to a brief pause, before coming together as one to create a barrage of severely heavy sounds. Ultimately, this culminates in an intense experience, with the track taking a slow, methodical pace, while the guitar and, in particular, the vocal elements within the song act more manic and unhinged. This joining of two entirely different styles leaves you feeling overwhelmed, a feeling which is obviously purposely created to do so.

Certainly one of the most intriguing tracks of the year I have listened to, “Suicidal Thoughts” should be heard by as many fans of heavy metal as possible. Be wary, though: this one has teeth and isn’t afraid to use them.

Face Value is out February 16th, 2018, and is available to pre-order here.

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