Band of the Day: Skyfever

Throw on your patch jacket and crack open a beer, because it’s rock o’clock, brought to you by today’s Band of the Day, the mighty Skyfever! The Irish quintet have recently released their second single, “Get Out”, a hard-rocking, fully-loaded, entirely melodic animal which is hellbent on being stuck in your head for days. This follows Skyfever’s first single, “The Returned”, which was released back in March of this year, and acts as proof that these Dublin-based boys are only improving their already entirely capable sound.

“Get Out” comes at you with all of the force of a stampeding elephant, almost immediately immersing you in hard-rock goodness. Skyfever themselves channel a style of rock which often goes amiss within modern heavy metal, sounding like they would fit in perfectly with the 1980s rock and metal scene. This, interestingly enough, manages to inspire feelings of nostalgia and longing for a long-gone style of rock, a simpler time, when bands focused on having songs which sounded good and that you could mosh along to, creating meaty tracks which became instant classics.

“Get Out” is a fun and enjoyable rockish-romp, a love-letter to the melodic rock bands of yore. Listening to this track is like stepping back in time, welcomed by a familiar style, though not simply an imitation of a long-gone rock aesthetic, as Skyfever forge more than enough of their own personality and uniqueness into the single.

Having so far only released two singles to their name, Skyfever have certainly whetted our appetites, leaving us hungry for more. I would highly suggest that you wrap your ears around “Get Out” as soon as you can, then join me in eagerly awaiting this young band’s hopefully upcoming debut album.

Header photo by Rafal Wojcicki

“Get Out” is out now and available to download here.

Skyfever: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp

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