Band of the Day: Satanic

When the first lyric in an album is “Bleugh!”, you know that you are in for a treat. So is the case with the debut album, Architecture of Chaos, from today’s Band of the Day, Satanic; a Canadian death/thrash metal trio who have collected together some wickedly heavy and almost always barbaric tracks, and squeezed them in to an album which can barely contain the amount of metal within it. Satanic take it old-school with their extreme metal, producing a raw and untamed monster of an album, one which truly harnesses the tropes of classic death metal, while taking heavy influences from bands from the first-wave of thrash metal.

Throwing you in at the deep end and then holding your head under the water, Satanic open Architecture of Chaos, and indeed every single one of their songs on the album, by playing at full capacity, seemingly not caring if you’re ready or not for their full on assault on the ear drum. It is an adapt or die type situation, where you either immediately fall in to the intense velocity of tracks such as “Mephistophelian” and “Armageddon”, or you will be crushed under the sheer weight of their sludgier tracks, with “World of Chaos” being a particularly weighty number.

Satanic certainly live up to their name, with the music produced by the band being frightening enough to terrify a priest. Something which is remarkable though is that this is the first release from the band who only formed in 2016, and yet Architecture of Chaos manages to sound entirely professional, almost level with the likes of Cannibal Corpse or Skeletonwitch.

If this is what Satanic are capable of producing this early in their career, when the band is still effectively in its infancy, then they will most definitely produce some truly special extreme metal albums in the near future.

Architecture of Chaos is out now and available to download here.

Satanic: facebookbandcamp | youtube

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