Band of the Day: Puta Volcano

Greece: home of democracy, fascinating history, raki, and a truly excellent female-fronted heavy metal band by the name of Puta Volcano, who also just happen to be today’s Band of the Day. The quartet, based in Athens and formed in 2011, have been steadily progressing their sound over the years, culminating in their most recent release, Harmony of Spheres, sounding simply magnificent. Puta Volcano stray away from the usual style which many female-fronted metal bands adopt, where the vocalist sings in an operatic style over some overly dramatic music (cough cough – Evanescence – cough cough). Instead, they utilize an almost grunge-type style, full of chunky-riffs and throaty vocals.

The absolute stand-out track on Harmony of Spheres has got to be “Zeroth Law”, a track which blew me away upon hearing it. Taking a moment to stray away from the formal review style, I felt the music hit me like a tonne of bricks, throwing me off entirely as I simply did not expect to be so taken by a track, something which is quite rare for me. I stopped writing as soon as I heard it, turned up the music, and sat back to simply enjoy what is definitely one of the best rock tracks I have heard in a long time. Words will not do justice to “Zeroth Law”, but as I am a journalist, it is my duty to at least try.

The combination of clear notes within a repeated guitar riff alongside the heavily distorted bass creates a dueling style of play which continues to keep the track interesting the entire way through. Meanwhile, vocalist Luna uses a variety of singing styles across the duration of the track, predominantly using her standard technique where she borderline shouts the lyrics in a melodic fashion, though also sings highly and clearly over the rest of the band, as if the rest of the music is occurring beneath her. Truly, this is a gem in an album already full of fantastic tracks.

You would be a fool to not want to check out Harmony of Spheres, and foolishness will not be tolerated here at The Moshville Times. Prepare yourself for a musical journey, and allow Puta Volcano to transport you to vast soundscapes filled with rock and metal. Crank this one up loud and let the music cover your entire being – trust me, you won’t regret it.

Harmony of Spheres is out now and available through Puta Volcano’s Bandcamp.

Puta Volcano: official | facebook | twitterinstagram | bandcamp | youtube 

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