Band of the Day: Losing Ground

Fancy some angsty, melodic, occasionally angry, and very Scottish rock music? If you answered ‘yes’ to that question (and let’s face it, of course you did), then today’s Band of the Day, Losing Ground, are exactly the kind of band for you.

These Ayrshire boys are preparing for the upcoming release of their latest double single, Harridan, and have already released the first track, “Great Escapes”, a thought-provoking, socio-political song which demands to be heard. The quartet have seemingly spent the time since their last release honing their musical abilities, as the track manages to hit hard not only lyrically, but musically too, with the band producing a tightly-knit, hard punk anthem.

Centring around mental health, an issue which is sometimes demonized and thought of as being a “taboo subject”, “Great Escapes” relishes in the issues faced by those suffering, offering support, and a thematic message which says “you are not alone in this” to the listener. Aside from the uplifting and almost triumphant lyrical content of “Great Escapes”, Losing Ground have also produced a track which sounds incredible. The unique inclusion of a mandolin adds something truly special to the sound of the song; short, poignant grace notes flutter clearly throughout an otherwise guitar-heavy track, adding levity to what could have been an otherwise grungey number. Thus, a dark and brooding song, with brief moments of hope and clarity which only grow towards the end is produced, something which matches the lyrical tone perfectly.

Losing Ground have yet to release their second track, which will be released a day before Harridan, but we here at the Moshville Times have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak and, without spoiling anything, let me assure you; you’re in for a treat. It is an exciting time for these Kilmarnock based folk-punk rockers, as it seems that things will only get better for them from here on out.

Harridan will be released on the 4th of November and will be available via Losing Ground’s Bandcamp page.

Losing Ground: official | facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube | soundcloud

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