Band of the Day: Twiggy Branches

Quirky, punkish, and catchy as hell: the only possible way I can think to describe today’s Band of the Day, Twiggy Branches. The New York-based quartet play a kind of rock which stands apart from all which surrounds it. In a sea of screamed vocals and breakdowns, Twiggy Branches shine through with their upbeat, yet still eerily melancholic at times, hard rock. The young group released their debut EP this year, Waste Not, Want More, an incredible burst of energy that ends far too soon, leaving this reporter eager for their next release.

The first thing you notice with Twiggy Branches is just how entirely enjoyable the band are to listen to. They are a group who, at their core, have created an EP which is just good fun. Waste Not, Want More is the kind of music you’ll want to make your friends listen to, the one you’ll tell co-workers about, the kind of band that will make you sit in your car even though you’ve arrived at your destination just because you need to hear the end of the song.

The second thing you’ll notice about Waste Not, Want More is the almost Bowie-esque style which comes with it. This is particularly noticeable through vocalist Twiggy Branches, whose rough-around-the-edges voice adds an extra layer of depth to each of the songs, a slight addition which makes all the difference. Twiggy’s voice, in combination with the rest of the group, makes for a hard rocking sound, the kind which hasn’t been present within the rock scene since the 1970s. For an instantly enjoyable blast of energetic rock, Twiggy Branches are the band for you.

Waste Not, Want More is out now and is available via bandcamp.

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