Band of the Day: Lightscape

Jam-packed full of melody, with lashings of melancholy, and crisp, clean guitar riffs; all of the components which make up today’s Band of the Day, Lightscape, and the perfect combination for some simply brilliant contemporary alternative rock. Hot off their release of two EPs in 2016, the Norwich-based quintet have recently released their newest single, Live In Fear, an almost haunting soundscape of rocking angst and group vocals. The single is a continuation of their unique style of play, proving that they can still bring something new to the table. and totally enthral their audience with their music.

Live In Fear begins with a solo guitar riff, intricately plucking through a deconstructed chord, echoing through the silence, while a synth slowly grows in volume before the entire band come together as one, exploding in to life. This method of drawing in listeners with a delicate, intriguing-sounding guitar, before blowing them away with the full might of their rock is certainly effective in making you want to hear more!

Throughout the rest of the track, listeners are treated to vocals which manage to sound both amplified, yet entirely clear at the same time, making you feel as if the band is playing directly in front of you. By far, however, the guitar solo which takes place towards the end of the track is the show-stopper. The presence of this solo dominates the listener with its full-bodied melody, the sharp, high-toned notes cutting through you like glass.

For those of you (or all of you) who cannot wait to listen to Lightscape, the band are touring later in the year, with a headline spot at London’s Camden Assembly. You would be insane to miss an opportunity to see these soon-to-be giants of alt-rock.

Live In Fear is out now and available [amazon text=on Amazon&asin=B07382M4SV].

Lightscape: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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