Band of the Day: Almost Honest

Earlier this week, I received an email from my editor asking me simply “Fancy some groovy sexy viking funk doom metal?”. You would have to be mad to turn down an offer like that, and so I was led on to today’s Band of the Day; Almost Honest. The Pennsylvania-based quartet certainly do adhere to their mantra of providing sexy funky viking metal (from outer-space, no less), following a style which is almost similar to that of Mastodon meets Red Fang with a dash of Pantera, all of which is expertly demonstrated on their most recent album, Thunder Mouth.

The guitar-heavy album features a plethora of riffs, courtesy of guitarist Zach Keiffer and bassist Seth Jackson, which will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for days on end. The guitarists team up, with Jackson’s deep, low bass smoothly gliding from note to note seamlessly, while Keiffer dabbles in both crunchy, low riffs, and the standard face-melters you could expect from such a band. The diversity within the album is broad, yet it is the diversity which appears in each track which is truly something special, with every track’s style of play altering as it progresses, meaning that you never know what to expect.

Almost Honest are the kind of band I would let someone who had never heard of metal before listen to, as the sheer scope of what they have to offer is staggering, with Thunder Mouth in particular appearing to be a compilation of heavy metal’s best bits. Writing on such a band is almost useless, as they have to be heard to be truly understood. So strap on those headphones, and crank the volume up to eleven; you’re about to go on an adventure through metal.

Thunder Mouth is out now and available to buy here.

Almost Honest: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp

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