Band of the Day: Rope Trick

If you’ve ever thought that contemporary rock is just a bit too clean and polished for your liking, that you like a bit of edge and dirtiness in your music, then today’s Band of the Day; Rope Trick is exactly the band for you. The Rhode Island psych rockers have recently released their debut album; Red Tape, and is absolutely jam-packed with distorted guitar riffs, hard drums, and wailing vocals, all culminating in a sound rawer than an uncooked chicken.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Rope Trick is that the band consists of only two members: Indrayudh Shome (guitar and vocals) and Nathanael Totushek (drums). Somehow, the duo have managed to create a sound which most quartets are incapable of producing, a testament to the skill and talent of Shome and Totushek.

Red Tape only consists of three tracks, however, don’t be fooled in to thinking that there isn’t much to listen to, as the shortest track on the album lasts barely under 7 minutes long, with the other two crossing well over the 11 minute mark. The opening track; “Vivid” is the perfect introduction to Rope Trick, offering an immediate insight in to the workings and style of this brilliantly bizarre band.

Wasting no time, “Vivid” opens with a deep, distorted riff from Shome, throwing the listener into the groove of the album, letting you know straight away of the heavy, doom-ish style which will feature throughout Red Tape. The constant rhythmic drumming from Totushek provides the track’s foundation, holding everything in place as the song trudges on. However, he manages to prove that he is more than just there to keep the rhythm, as at the halfway mark, when Shome quietens his guitar, Totushek takes centre stage, demonstrating his skill and technical prowess.

There is a slowness to “Vivid” which continues beyond the track itself, and on throughout the album, something which is oddly hypnotising and alluring. It is this slowness which draws you in, and sees you sink 11 minutes of your time in to a single track, and yet still want more. Having come to the end of their American tour, here’s hoping Rope Trick start working on new material soon, as one album of their sludgy psych rock simply is not enough.

Red Tape is out now and available through Rope Trick’s bandcamp page.

Rope Trick: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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