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Tooth & Nail

Band of the day today are Leeds based rock duo Tooth & Nail. Please, say hello to Daniel Pearson and Mike Neilson and in borrowed words: Tooth & Nail deliver a bruising cocktail of riffs, heavy soul and join the dots between vintage soul & the 90’s grunge explosion. Like the sound of this? Then get involved. Debut single “Cryin’ For You” is out Friday 24th March. The melancholy garage-blues song showcases soulful vocals, indie rock hooks and a gloriously heavy Sabbath-esque closing minute.

Who can dream that one day, sitting at home, the email inbox kicks in and there inside that technological magnificent invention is an email, electronic mail with dates belonging to a band performing at iconic old school music venues. That means leaving the house, going to and standing in a place full of sweat drenched people and beer stained carpets. Tooth & Nail are playing their soul for all to hear and see. Any band/musician putting their passion out there needs to be applauded. Tooth & Nail are putting their tooth and… nail into this.

Since forming in late 2016, the metal-loving act have amassed a set of visceral, exciting and adventurous rock n’ roll songs. Which sounds intriguing. I recommend you go in search of their live shows, see if you believe they are the joiners of dots.

Lead single “Cryin’ For You” is out today and the guys have three gigs lined up in London, Leeds and Manchester:

  • 15th April Sebright Arms – London
  • 19th May The Library – Leeds
  • 15 June The Eagle Inn – Manchester

Tooth & Nail: official | facebook | instagram

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