Band of the day – The Boston Shakers

The Boston Shakers

Liverpool, England. The home of the Beatles, Tony Bellew and Derek Acorah, is the base for geographically entwined The Boston Shakers. Their love of drinking and music allowed them to mix their separate love of genres together. Mixing is second nature to this crew, as they met while working as bartenders, travelling from their homes in France and the U.S.

Boston ShakersListening to the Boston Shakers’ assorted range of music encouraged me to continue listening. Their diversity brings along rock, hip hop and some synth dance beats. They’re not a band fronted by a rapper, it’s a mixture of styles where one doesn’t overpower the others.

Their own bio reads “The Boston Shakers mix heavy beats, fuzzy guitars, synth and raps to make their own unique style of rock n roll…”

Those fuzzy guitar riffs are a joy to behold, the flow is pure rock with smouldering touches of blues. The Boston Shakers have the confidence of Kasabian, attitude of Dropkick Murphys and their boldness flows within tracks “All Out” and “Black Magic”, two songs perfect for a live gig at an New Year’s Eve party.

Please, say hello to Alex, Bean, K, Willy, Nathan and J Dog – they are The Boston Shakers. Check out their unique rock explosion that Liverpool have under their wing. They provide deep breath music, as after hearing them, you need to sit back and breathe out… finally.

The Boston Shakers: facebooktwitter | soundcloud

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