Band of the Day: Lomi

Lomi are a trio from Plymouth who state on their Bandcamp page that they are “influenced by 90s grunge and everything that kicked ass since”. Well if you think back to the earliest, heaviest, rawest Nirvana tracks that you can (no later than anything heavy that made it onto Bleach) then you’re starting to get close to the Lomi sound.

They pump out a loose, heavy, purposeful groove with angry, urgent vocals and angst-ridden lyrics. I can imagine the live shows are full of high-energy entertainment and perhaps with a smashed guitar or two along the way.

The band released their eponymous debut album in August 2016 with highlights including “Coffin Fit”, “Hedgehog Finger” and “Spittle”. Another peak for me was final track “Abe”. It gets a mention for being the longest track, with a slightly different vocal delivery and jam-packed with lyrics. It makes a great end to the record which is loaded with huge potential.

In November the band welcomed bassist Billy Turner who along with singer/guitarist Sam Harvey and drummer Neil Harwood now completes the line-up.

While gigs for Lomi currently appear to be mainly local, I suspect that their presence on the heavy rock/metal scene will increase through 2017 as they go from strength to strength. They are currently booked to play the Annual Plymouth Rockfest 2017 at Crash Manor on April 16th in support of St. Luke’s Hospice.

Tracks from Lomi’s self-titled release can be downloaded on various sites via the links below and keep an eye on their website for gig news.

Lomi: official | facebook | bandcamp | spotify | soundcloud

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