Band of the Day: Fliptop Box

Greece isn’t necessarily known worldwide for its rock and metal scene but here at Moshville Times we have started to get sent a lot of music from that region. I’ll be the first to admit that maybe I hadn’t spent much time delving into that pile, not because of preconceptions I may have had – more because I knew so little. Experience has taught us, though, if a region starts generating a lot of bands onto the circuit this is most likely because there is a cracking scene there and the quality will be high.

Athens’ Fliptop Box describe themselves as heavy rock and this is a very fitting description. They formed back in 2003 and have just released their second album. With influences cited as Danzig, Alice in Chains and Therapy? I thought I’d give their new album Catch 22 (released last October) a shot.

To say that I was blown away would be an understatement, I love this album and I love this band. This is simply a brilliant album, for so, so many reasons. Firstly, it is the first band that I have listened to where the PR have cited Therapy? as a comparison where they do sound a bit like them. They have a similar guitar and vocal sound and have the songs to back them up.

It captures a similar zeitgeist, the power, the melodies and overall the knack of writing a great song and the excitement that this brings with it. Album opener “Blast” could sit alongside any of Therapy?’s early work. “Siren” has an insanely ear wormish melody and riff throughout, great dynamics and use of punctuation throughout the song.

“Unbeliever” has a touch of Queens of the Stone Age. I love the call to arms of the “I am a believer, I’m an unbeliever” chorus. You know sometimes that you can’t always put your finger on why you love something so much? “Unbeliever” and stand out track “Staring Eyes” have that special ingredient in spades. Both are great pop songs, the guitar riffs and melodies are exciting and carry the songs. The lyrics are catchy and singalong but there is an almost naivety in the layered vocal choruses, an innocence that draws you in. It can’t be written, or almost described; it just is.

If you want music to make you feel alive go and listen to Catch 22 now. I know I have (almost 20 times in the last 2 days!). What Fliptop Box manage to do on Catch 22 is merge insanely catchy songwriting with great guitar skills, mixing a touch of classic metal with that heavy rock vibe, while crossing over a couple of major genres.

All I can say guys: if you did send in your album for review and it somehow got missed in the piles of reviews we get sent… our apologies, it is our loss. Please accept a belated 5/5 from us at Moshville Times and ensure you send all your new work to us.

All other Band of the Day’s may as well give in for a while. I am too busy listening to Catch 22.

Catch 22 is out now.

Fliptop Box: facebook | twitter | youtube

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