Band of the Day: Something In The Trees

In 2014 I headed to the holy grail of the grunge era, the home of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mudhoney and Soundgarden… Seattle. This city concocted and crafted a genre of music that blew the music scene wide open. A place I’d wanted to visit since hearing those riffs of connection in the early 90s.

In 2014 I made that trip. Taking in as much as I could, I headed to these infamous clubs that I’d read about. One club I entered was the Triple Door. Playing that night in the bar were Something in the Trees. I snapped up their CD for $5. We had a little chat about life around the area. That was that, I went on my merry way to capture moments that I will never forget.

“Hoof Prints” became the stand out track in my opinion on this self-titled album. A psychedelic rock group who that night did not miss a beat.

As you may all know, it is now 2016, and Something in the Trees are back, releasing the album Down with Birds. The Northwest Pacific guys have kindly sent us the opening track, “Creature of Habit”. My Morning Jacket’s Carl Broemel guests on the track, playing the pedal steel guitar.

Have a look, have a listen below, to see that the Seattle movement is still going strong.

Something in the Trees: official | facebook | instagram


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